Saturday, 7 February 2015

Who are you online - anonymity or loud & proud?

You may have noticed that I prefer to stay fairly anonymous on my blog and twitter page. This was a conscious choice that I made when I first started my blog as I didn't want my friends and family to know about the blog until I was was confident enough for them to see/read it. In addition, I have a professional full-time career and would not want my clients to be able to see any aspect of my personal life. 

I specify 'fairly' anonymous because I do use my name when emailing people directly regarding the blog/book reviews, just not publicly online. 

Recently I posted a photograph of myself on Twitter. This was a HUGE step for me. I also told my husband, Mr GC, about my 'secret' Twitter account and my hobby of book reviewing - I had to as I started receiving post relating to the blog. He has been so supportive, reminding me to keep on top of my reading and, recently, encouraging me to accept an invitation to a book bloggers event later in the year. Mr GC has even taken up reading himself, with an aim to read one book a month during 2015. However, to my surprise, he has not asked to read my reviews or to see my blog or even for my Twitter handle. I don't think this demonstrates a lack of interest, but more an understanding that this is something that I'm really not ready to fully share yet. I am incredibly grateful to him for not pushing to share this part of me yet. I'm sure many of you will find this a bit odd as blogging is about being outgoing, talking to strangers and throwing your opinion out there into the public domain. I love being able to do that, but I wouldn't have the confidence to do it as me. Ginger Cat allows me the anonymity to do this without feeling too self-conscious.

So, my  question is, how much do you share on your twitter/blog? Do you use your real name or a pseudonym? Do you post pictures of yourself? Are your friends and family aware of your blog? Are they supportive or do they not really understand? 

Despite my love of anonymity, I also think it's important to give an idea of yourself and your personality in your blog. I hope this comes across in some of my posts, however it can be difficult at times when you're limited in the information you're will to share. Do you have any rules about what you will and won’t share online? 

I would really love to hear from you with your thoughts! 

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