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COVER REVEAL: Tied Up With Love by Amelia Thorne

Monday, 26 January 2015
Today I am very excited to be helping to reveal the absolutely gorgeous cover for Amelia’s Thorne’s brand new book Tied Up With Love. I’m very grateful to Amelia for allowing me to participate in her cover reveal

So, without further ado, here it is... and many congratulations Amelia, it is quite simply beautiful!

Release Day Blitz Tour: What Happens in Tuscany by T.A. Williams

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Title: What Happens in Tuscany 
Author: T.A. Williams
Genre: Chick Lit
Release Date: 20 January 2015

I am pleased to be hosting the blitz event for the book release of What Happens in Tuscany by T.A. Williams, in association with Bliss Book Promotions.

Book Review: Cover Story by Rachel Bailey

Monday, 19 January 2015

Title: Cover Story
Author: Rachel Bailey
Published:  23 October 2014
Publisher:  Momentum

Twitter: @RachelBaileyAus


Tobi Fletcher's career is going places. Just ask her. Any day now, she's going to write the story for her Sante Fe newspaper that will Make A Difference. Of course, Pulitzer prizes and the like will soon follow.

Unfortunately, her editor doesn't have the same vision. His vision has her investigating a series of gnomicides. Yes, gnomicides—the wanton murder of garden gnomes.

Book Review: Overkill by Amy Saunders

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Overkill by Amy Saunders

Title: Overkill
Author: Amy Saunders

Twitter: @amy_saunders


Summer in Portside: The beach! The gelato! The murder...

Belinda's peace from scandal and her grandmother is short-lived when a painting - and then a body - wash up on her favorite beach. As she and Bennett team with Det. Jonas Parker to figure out how the two connect, a possible art forgery comes to light - and another victim.

Release Day Blitz Tour: Overkill by Amy Saunders

Overkill by Amy Saunders

Overkill by Amy Saunders
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release Date: January 13

I am pleased to join a number of blogs (as listed below) in hosting the blitz event for the book release of Overkill by Amy Saunders, in association with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

About the Book

Summer in Portside: The beach! The gelato! The murder...

Belinda's peace from scandal and her grandmother is short-lived when a painting - and then a body - wash up on her favorite beach. As she and Bennett team with Det. Jonas Parker to figure out how the two connect, a possible art forgery comes to light - and another victim.

Book Review: Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell

Monday, 12 January 2015
*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Title: Three Amazing Things About You
Author: Jill Mansell
Published:  due to be published on 15 January 2015 
Publisher:  Headline Review
Twitter: @JillMansell

Taken From Headline’s Website

From the No. 1 bestselling author comes a delightful, heart-breaking romantic novel about a young woman whose time is running out.

Book Review: Tequila & Teabags by Laura Barnard

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tequila & Teabags by Laura Barnard

Title: Tequila & Teabags 
Author: Laura Barnard
Published: 11 November 2014

Twitter: @BarnardLaura 


Sent to live with her cousin Elsie in the Yorkshire countryside, Rose has only one thing on her mind; joining her friends as a club rep in Mexico. When she hears about a council incentive offering the promise of free flights to the person who clocks the most volunteering hours at the local care home, she's got her plan set. But she doesn't plan on bonding with the old ladies, going after the village bad boy and trying to persuade Elsie not to become a Nun. Soon she's questioning who her real friends are and whether her old life is one she wants to return to. Can the village win her over and will she win the chance to leave it behind? Will she even want to? 

Book Review: Misletoe Mansion by Samantha Tonge

Saturday, 3 January 2015
Mistletoe Mansion by Samantha Tonge

Title: Mistletoe Mansion
Author: Samantha Tonge
Published: 10 November 2014
Publisher:  Carina

Twitter: @SamTongeWriter


Kimmy Jones has three loves: cupcakes, gossip magazines and dreaming of getting fit just by owning celeb workouts.

When Kimmy’s Sensible Boyfriend told her he didn’t approve of her longing for the high life or her dream of starting a cupcake company Kimmy thought she could compromise – after all, she did return those five-inch Paris Hilton heels! But asking her to trade in cake-making for a job sorting potatoes is a step too far.

Restaurant Review: Cleavers, Wokingham

Thursday, 1 January 2015

I made my second visit to Cleavers in Wokingham for dinner last week and I have to say that I was really impressed with both the service and the food. The restaurant is a chicken, burger & rib restaurant that has opened in the town fairly recently. The chain, part of the larger Prezzo chain, has further restaurants located in Cobham, Leatherhead, Oxford and Billericay.

On both visits to Cleavers, the waiting staff have been very friendly and helpful, making our entire group feel welcome and comfortable.

Book Review: Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

Title: Dance with the Enemy (The Enemy Series Book 1)
Author: Rob Sinclair
Published: 6 February 2014
Publisher:  Clink Street Publishing

Twitter: @RSinclairAuthor


Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America's Attorney General, Logan smells his chance for revenge. Pursuing his man relentlessly, oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake, Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping. Finally, he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the Enemy.


I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.

This is the first thriller that I have read for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book was a real page turner from start to finish.

Dance with the Enemy introduces us to Carl Logan, an undercover operative for a covert international intelligence agency. Logan is on medical leave after being tortured by violent terrorist, Youssef Selim. When the US Attorney General, Frank Modena, is kidnapped and it appears that Selim may have some involvement, Logan is called in to rescue Modena. A natural loner, he reluctantly pairs up with FBI Agent Angela Grainger and the story follows their attempts to successfully complete their mission to rescue Modena whilst Logan also deals with his own need for revenge against Selim and the psychological repercussions associated with that earlier assignment.

The writing is descriptive and gripping, taking me on a fast-paced adventure through Paris and the French countryside. For a first attempt at a novel, Sinclair proves that he is more than capable of writing a great thriller. The characters of Logan and Grainger feel real and well-rounded, as we slowly get to know them and understand their motivations. The dialogue between them feels true to the situations that they find themselves in. The plot is well-constructed and I did not notice any major plot gaps. I found it easy to follow the story. This book sets off at a run and does not slow down, it is full of non-stop action which kept me gripped from the first chapter.

I particularly liked the character of Logan. He is a stubborn and flawed person, struggling to return to his 'normal' way of life. However, despite his flaws and weaknesses, I found him to be an intriguing character and part of the pull of the story for me was to learn what had happened in that previous assignment to have caused him such mental trauma.

I found the story to be exciting and gripping until the end. The bonus for me has to be that I did not guess the ending in advance. I love it when I'm kept guessing right until the last moment. 

To me, the book seemed to be of a James Bond/Jack Reacher-style. I think this is a book that most people would enjoy and I am happy to recommend it as such.

I note Dance with the Enemy is supposed to be the first in a trilogy and I am excited to read the second book, Rise of the Enemy, which I understand is due to be released shortly.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The book is released in electronic format and is currently priced at £1.19 on Amazon UK or a paperback version is available for £7.99 at Amazon UK

About the Author

Rob began writing in 2009 following a promise to his wife, an avid reader, that he could pen a 'can't put down' thriller.

Dance with the Enemy, the story of embattled intelligence agent Carl Logan, released in June 2014, was Rob's first published novel and the first in a trilogy of novels following Carl Logan. Rise of the Enemy is the second book in the Enemy series, due for release in early 2015.

Rob is a qualified accountant. He has worked for a global accounting firm since graduating from The University of Nottingham in 2002, specialising in forensic fraud investigations at both national and international levels.

Originally from the North East of England, Rob has lived and worked in a number of fast paced cities, including New York, and is now settled in the West Midlands with his wife and young sons.
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