Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Website Review: WedPics

Evening everyone!

This is a slightly off-the-cuff post for me, however I've recently recently been introduced to a fantastic website that I want to share with you - WedPics.

I've been married almost a year now and the most disappointing thing about our wedding was the lack of photos taken by guests or, rather, the lack of photos actually sent to us afterwards. You end up being so busy on the day that you miss out on a lot and I really wanted to see all the photographs, whether good or bad, so that I could see our day through the guests' eyes and experience all the little things that I missed on the day.

I heard about Wed Pics when I received an email from a friend a week before their wedding. The way it works is that you set up an account, send the link and password to guests in advance of the big day (or before the Stag and hen do's, if you're feeling brave!). Guests can then download the app and add their photos to the album.

Uploading the photos is simple, particularly as a lot of people now use their mobile phones as cameras. I've not been onto the desktop version, but I imagine that it is just as easy to figure out.

Whilst I have only used this app as a wedding guest, I would recommend all future brides to check it out. I only wish that I had found Wedding Pics before my own wedding :(

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