Sunday, 21 September 2014

First Anniversary Gifts - Paper

Good morning everyone!

I should warn you that this is a slightly mushy post, so please accept my apologies in advance!

Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary and a few weeks ago I posted a blog entry asking for help finding inspiration for a first anniversary present for my amazing husband, Mr GC. The gift for the first year is supposed to be paper and I wanted to stick with that tradition. Mr GC is a real romantic, so I know he would appreciate the thought. In the end, I decided on a photobook. I found a really good deal from Photoworld via Amazon Local for a 98 page CEWE hardcover book. It used downloadable software that allowed me to easily upload and add 100+ photos showing our adventures together so far.  I'm really not surprised that it's been voted 'The best UK photobook' by The Gadget Show. Mr GC loved it!!

Photograph from Amazon Local  
As I mentioned above, Mr GC is hugely romantic and incredibly thoughtful. However good my gift ideas might be, he beats me hands-down every time! For my anniversary present he also stuck to paper, as tradition dictates, and got me a framed copy of the sheet music from our first dance song. How incredibly romantic!!

This was made even more special by the fact that he actually made this himself, choosing and buying the frame and inlay online, printing out the sheet music and then building the finished item. I thought this was a truly great anniversary present! 

I think anyone one would agree that I'm a pretty lucky lady to have found someone as thoughtful as Mr GC!! Fortunately, he doesn't know about this blog so his head won't get too
big from all the nice things I'm saying ;)    

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