Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hair & Beauty Review: China Glaze products and tips for a professional looking home manicure

Being a former nail-bitter until 4 years ago, I love the look of a professional manicure. However, I rarely have the time to treat myself to one and tend to paint my own nails at home.  Getting the look of a professional manicure can be tricky to recreate as, more often than not, I manage to dent or mark the polish before it is properly dry and it just doesn't have the same finished look to it.

I have recently realised that a good top coat makes a huge difference to the look of the polish, whether it be a cheap or expensive polish.
Top manicure artist, Madeline Poole, from MP Nails in LA gave Refinery29 her fool-proof guide to recreating a professional looking manicure at home.

Image by Elena Giavaldi via http://www.refinery29.com/how-to-paint-nails

There is nothing new or astounding about the advice given, however for anyone like me who is a latecomer to nail polish, it is a useful basic guide.

The only surprise with me was that she does not mention using a base coat. I sometimes apply lighter colours straight to the nail, however I always use a base coat when using darker colours so as not to stain my nails and to get some further wear from the polish.

I am currently using China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat and Fast Forward top coat, both of which seem to work well for me. The base coat gives a good adhesive base, prevents staining and protects my nails. The top coat goes on quickly, has a fantastic glossy shine and dries in minutes. Although, I am sometimes a bit impatient and manage to get a finger print on at least one nail!

Do you have any tips to share about how to get the perfect manicure? Can you recommend any products that I should give a try?

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