Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hair & Beauty Review: Gelicity's G-Spa Therapeutic Gel Bath

Have you ever had a gel bath before? It is a odd experience.

My husband bought me Gelicity's G-Spa Therapeutic Gel Bath in Revive for Christmas and I eventually got round to trying it at the weekend. It is a unique bath product made from sodium polyacrylate, rosemary oil and red colouring.

The box includes two sachets and an instruction leaflet. The first sachet is to be poured under running water to create the gel bath (stage 1). The sodium polyacrylate absorbs the water to create the 'gel'. The second sachet is salt that is added at the end of the bath in order to neutralise the sodium polyacrylate and turn the gel back into liquid form (stage 2). Sounds clever, right?

The box specifies that the product is intended to work for water levels equivalent to a half-full regular bathtub. I have a standard-sized bathtub, so I carefully filled the bath to just under half full whilst swishing and swirling the contents of the first sachet around in the water. I expected the bath water to completely turn into a gel-like consistency, however I was somewhat disappointed to find that, in fact, the bath water remain as normal however it becomes filled with gel-like beads/sacs which lurked at the bottom of the tub.

My husband and I both jumped in the tub to try it out, which was a bit of a tight squeeze! We found that the water did stay nice and warm, the gel beads felt unusual but not unpleasant and we liked the vibrant pink colour of the water. More importantly, it provided us with a little oasis where we were able to spend 45 minutes together in the middle of a hectic weekend relaxing our aching muscles whilst catching up on our news from the week.

The gel beads are supposed to have a slightly exfoliating effect on the skin and claim to be effective for hydrating and deep cleaning.

Towards the end of the bath, we added the salt and spent a further 5 minutes swishing that around. The gel beads did reduce in number, but only by approximately 50%. We had to was the remaining beads down the plug hole and also had to use the shower to rinse the beads off ourselves. The salt is alleged to have detoxifying properties.

After the bath, I can confirm that we both noticed that our skin did feel quite silky and smooth.

In conclusion, we enjoyed the experience but were somewhat  disappointed that the gel bath did not turn the water into a more of a gel-like consistency.

Ginger Cat x

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