Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Food & Drink Review: Teapigs tea

Good morning all,

As a typical Brit, my day does not truly begin until I've had my first cup of tea. However, unlike the majority of the population, I do not like 'regular' tea (i.e. PG Tips, Tetley etc...). I don't take milk in my tea, so can be a bit too harsh for my taste buds.
For about 9 years now I've been a big fan of green tea with an occasional Earl Grey or fruit tea thrown in for variety.

Knowing my love for "silly tea" (so named by my husband), he purchased a huge selection of teas from Teapigs for my birthday. To me, this was a hugely thoughtful gift and I have enjoyed working my way through the many different flavours.

The selection includes, amongst others, mao feng green, chocolate flake,  popcorn, creme caramel rooibos, lemongrass, chilli chai, yerba mate, liquorice & mint etc... A full range of Teapigs teas can be found here.

My favourite so far is probably the Earl Grey darjeeling loose leaf tea or the mao feng green tea.

My husband is a black coffee drinker. However, after trying some of my Teapigs, he is now becoming something of a tea connoisseur. His favourite is the peppermint tea, although he also enjoys the liquorice & mint and the chilli chai.

The only one that we have not enjoyed so far is the popcorn tea, although the fact that neither of us are popcorn fans may have something to do with this.

We have since tried the matcha tea powder which, to me, tasted very similar to green tea KitKats that my husband purchased online from Japan.

The tea is expensive, usually retailing in the supermarkets at around £4 a box. However, I would recommend trying them if you're a tea lover.

Looking on the website, my next purchases will definitely be the silver tips white tea and some of the fruit teas. In fact, they do a pick n' mix sample box that I think I'll try. I can't wait! 

Ginger Cat x

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