Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hair & Beauty Review: Rimmel London - Stay Blushed! liquid cheek tint in 004 Sunkissed Cherry

Good evening everyone!  

Finding a good blusher has always been a challenge for me. I prefer a natural hint of colour whereas I find a lot of blushers to be too bright and unnatural.

I have recently been trying cream/liquid blushers. In general, I prefer these as the colour seems to absorb in to my cheeks rather than sit on top of the skin like a lot of powder blushers.

I like quality and whilst I'm not a cosmetic snob, I tend to pay a bit more for a good quality product. At £4.49 from Boots, this is less than I usually spend on cosmetics and I had concerns that the price might reflect the quality of the item.

I tried Rimmel's Stay Blushed! liquid cheek tint by accident really. I was purchasing two items and could choose a third for free, so I picked this item intending to pass it on to my sister.

I decided to try the cheek tint for myself and I am pleased to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the product.

The colour can be applied sparingly for a natural hint of colour or more generously for a more dramatic look. It blends well into the skin and lasts all day without the need for re-application throughout the day.

This is an item I would be happy to recommend to others.
Have you found a good cream/liquid blusher? If so, let me have the details. I'm always looking to try new things.

Ginger Cat x

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